What_is_MPG and acetone in your gas tank.


More MPG from putting acetone in your gas tank.

This guy was telling me 100% for sure if you put acetone and your tank that you get better gas mileage 80 he was saying that he put in 3 ounces per every 5 gallons of gasoline and he got like 30% better gas mileage. He said that you have to experiment with it though because every engines different and they all act differently. So one engine might need. 1 ounce per gallon and another engine might need to and a quarter ounces per gallon, but that one half ounces per gallon of acetone per gallon of gasoline is a good place to start and you can start recording your fuel mileage from their so another words start with 1 ounce per gallon and move out to announce a half per gallon and a maybe a little farther past that but yeah not to go to might like to ounces per gallon is too much pretty cool huh?

How about a little acetone  in your vehicle’s next tank of fuel.

Apparently the acetone is highly combustible so it raises the octane in gasoline and makes it all burn more efficiently, thus giving you more MPG. The thing I was thinking is the price of acetone while I guess acetone really isn’t that expensive.  I was wondering if it would work out if it increase your gas mileage. Could the price per gallon of acetone still make it worth it and in a word make it all equal out?  Maybe, maybe not but it sure would be cool to try it.  We’ve heard of other studies that say it absolutely doesn’t work, but then we’ve been told by other people that they either put in too much or too little and that if you do that it absolutely will not work, that the balance has to be perfect or you will make your cars fuel mileage possibly even worse.  As stated above, we’ve heard everything from 3 ounces to every 5 gallons of gas to 1 to 1.5 ounces per gallon of gas.

Does putting acetone in your cars fuel tank give you better gas mileage?

Some people swear by it.  Putting the right amount acetone in your car’s  fuel tank is supposed to give any model that has an engine that burns gas only better fuel mileage.

No doubt about it, there is a possibility that adding a stone to your cars gas tank could get you better gas mileage and we plan on testing this out in the future. I suspect that if there is a balance that it would have to be done based on the consumption of fuel by your carburetor and your engine size or horsepower.  This seems if you did not put enough that it wouldn’t work at all but I don’t see how putting too much could make it work worse and give you poorer gas mileage as it would make the fuel that much more combustible.  We will find out, however and report back to on this topic later. In the meantime, we hope that some of you might fill us in on the results from your tests.

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